Rama met with executives of banks in Albania and the Governor mr. Ardian Fullani

RAMA : The government will establish a strong partnership with the banking system .

Rama met with directors of commercial banks as well as the governor of the Bank of Albania , Mr. Ardian Fullani . International auditing required for the country’s finances as well as independence of INSTAT

Tirana , the next head of government Edvin Rama , has conducted a meeting with directors of various banks in the country as well as with the governor of the Bank of Albania , Mr. Ardian Fullani .

The meeting was discussed on current issues such as uncollected loans and taxes . Fullani estimates as a good starting point of a fruitful dialog between the banking system and government .

” The banking system is effective contributor to the economic growth of the country , but also parsimonious savings to families and consignee of funds in the economy ” – said Fullani .

Rama :
Expressed desire of the new government to build a good partnership with banks and other protagonists , where banks have a key role in the development of the country .

Intermediate structure between the government and the world of entrepreneurship , National Economic Council with participation of representatives of your association is necessary , it will function as a common table in a period of our history when the common challenge is to cope with the crisis factors have caused the state of the economy and public finances of the country . I assure you that we are willing to take the necessary steps to cure fiscal consolidation in public finances right prescription and secondly to create more space for the credit to the economy .

Our economy is still in the dark and after details emerged and the truth, we believe that transparency will be necessary to cope with the crisis that we have around and around.

Audit will be performed by an international company to have on the table the whole truth. INSTAT management also will  be off the hands of the politics.

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