What should I wear to a bank job interview

What should I wear to a bank job interview to be successful

Your interview is very important and you must be dressed in the most appropriate way for the bank premises . Candidacy for a bank employee should dress according to the bank’s code of ethics . This shows not only professionally but also seriously increasing your chances against other candidates . Below find some tips on how to apply for your interview at the bank . These tips apply to you and all newly graduated students awaiting their first interviews

Tips for Men :

– You need to dress in suit (even if it is summer, should choose a light suit)

– The color of the suit should be dark , preferably black but are also acceptable colors are gray, brown and beige .

– Shoes must be in harmony with the suit and polished

– Do not forget to wear black socks .

– Shirt color should be open , white, blue or gray shades . White shirt is considered as a symbol of office worker.

– Tie color must be selected in combination with dark suit .

– Accessories would be unnecessary like buttons on the shirt or collar clip. These accessories are for higher positions, and you will look overdressed.


Tips for Women :

– Also a suit is recommended for women, pants or skirt are combined jacket .

– The color of the suit should also be dark , and the colors are advisable : Grey , black , dark blue or brown .

– Do not allow jeans or different clothes especially in high or glowing colors like red, yellow etc.

– In the dress skirts , recommended maximum up to 5 cm above the knee .

– Women may even be in the warm seasons jacket holding open black shirt combined with pants / dark colored bottom .

– It is not advisable to use boots or sandals , but only in combination with serious shoes suit .

– Accessories should not be big but elegant , that fit with the clothes.


Also important is the chosen scent for both women and men. A good perfume should not leave a strong odor but should be easy to leave a pleasant taste, so do not take excessive measures perfume .

If you have questions please contact us, we will help you with additional details if needed . info@bankieri.com

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