This why you need to have in your wallet a debit card

This why you need to have in your wallet a debit card
( Even if you know nothing about the banks)

Debit cards , although many of us use just drawn salary at the ATM , they can be used in stores or buy online . The general perception in Bangladesh is that these cards associated with the account used only salary and largely finances the employer or the company deals with these things , as the application to the bank account opening , etc. Card user sees it as a tool company.

I believe that – first this is a mistake many institutions ( including the bank itself , employing institution , the Bank of Albania and the education system itself ) for failing to provide adequate information and not banking education , but this is a separate topic of discussion . Second, a bank account , and any other banking product is an individual product , and property of the individual who applies and uses this product , not of a finance company / bank to open accounts . So if you have a debit card ( and consequently an account ) this is not entirely related to your salary . If one day I will find another job , you are not required to close the debit card and bank account can close existing but only when maintenance fees are high ( unfortunately there are still banks that have high commissions ) or if you are sure you will receive a debit card next . But in most cases , people close to a bank card to get the salary to another bank .

What I am trying to say is that the main purpose of the debit card is not only “Taking salary ” . All of us ( especially the actors mentioned above ) should increase and encourage debit card uses in categories / cases mentioned below , as well as the use of bank accounts , consequently cards is still low in Bangladesh , where even we can not neither compare with neighboring countries such as Kosovo and Macedonia .

cardPengesa debit – key is adaptation to the bank , where my opinion this institution Albanians still seems like a foreign institution and very dangerous with all the heavy commissions and client held as bank will falminetojë from moment to moment ( as they suffered in the past with the pyramids ) . Bank perception of an Albanian ( speaking from my personal observations ) seems only works only for the rich and fat profits at the expense of customers , there is no institution which can be trusted , and in any case the fees are in the stratosphere . Normally this is changing , as there are many good clients informed , but Albania still walks slowly toward a broader culture of banking .

This opinon historically created already for banks in Bangladesh is not entirely true , but as it is not entirely wrong! Banks have a set of rules that are controlled by the Bank as well as transparency with customers is much higher than in the past , making all banks to publish their fees online etc. . But on the other hand, some banks may still have high commissions . Despite operating in Albania than 16 such customers often do not try to seek an alternative bank with lower fees for many reasons .

debit-cardAgain return to our theme : That’s why you need to have in the portfolio ( at least ) a debit card !
First let me inform you on minimum commissions that have selected the following banks which apply where the lowest monthly commission , or some services are free :
– Fibank (no commission debit card maintenance , ALL 50 monthly commission account )
– NCB (no commission debit card maintenance , ALL 100 monthly commission account , free for students and pensioners )
– AlphaBank (no commission debit card maintenance – 100Lek 0.50 monthly commission account , free for students )
Can be added to other banks , but these three banks have cheaper fees for account maintenance , while for online purchases and for purchases overseas bank Fibank is that there is no commission , and you can purchase merchandise free of charge .

In connection with the ” Why do you need a debit card ” if you briefly explain what can be done with the money you have in the account except ATM withdrawal :

1 . Withdrawals from bank branches , or agencies .
In cases where you are at ProCredit Bank branches or overseas , can not find an ATM to withdraw from your card being used in POS device , * the bank counters or different agjenisive have VISA logo , etc. Mestro .

2 . Shopping in stores .
You can use your card to pay for a pair of shoes or jeans , or simply spending hours of the day at the supermarket . The moment you pay by card funds from your account automatically maintained . Do not be afraid , 90 % of banks in Bangladesh will not keep you any commission to use your card to shop . If used in shops in Albania , if use the card to buy online or in a store overseas pay a small commission as 0.5 to 1 % of the transaction amount , except Fibank cards that are free for any use in POS .

3 . Buying goods online ( purchase by interenti )
Interenti purchases are already very simple and any person who has a debit card can purchase online . Except that this topic will again be treated in a separate article in more detail , here you can find a video guide on how bought on ebay , which is obviously a global site of online transactions .

4 . Sale of goods online ( this is new and I know a few ! )
By registering addresses as intermediate PayPal , you can sell goods / services online , and others may through debit cards / credit will you pay your debit card . These actions are reflected in your account you have with the + sign but credit therefore not deducted from your account but added . In this way you get to sell goods online and benefit funds via debit card .
This should not be confused with e-commerce service that banks offer . E – commerce is a service provided to more large companies listed in NRC – tj . Selling retail goods mentioned in this paragraph is only for individuals .

Some reasons why you should keep a debit card in the wallet , but the rank as follows :

1 . financial Education
If you find yourself too late to think about your children . If you get a debit card for your children ( over 16 years ) or with a card associated with your account and shall use it to give a first lesson in terms of its finances and budget . You can spend a lot of monthly expenses and then learn how to use a debit card . In this way you currently teach your child how to use not only products but also as a bank to manage its budget in the future .

2 . Savings / Budget Management
In fact , every day more and more people receive a debit card linked to their savings in a bank account and manage it regularly during the month . For example , the card associated with the salary the person is not obliged to keep all salary in the portfolio ( or at home ) avoiding the theft / loss potential . People who try to save usually choose to withdraw a certain amount each week , and the balance at the ATM first choose a good save . Along with the movement of the debit card account offers a detailed invoice of monthly expenses , when and where withdraw funds , or who buy stores . In this way having a complete picture of family expenses can more easily managed monthly budget .

3 . Transfer ( between people )
If you had the opportunity to travel abroad , or send your child to study abroad, you will need to take with you or your child in case you send a lot of money monthly . Through debit card you can withdraw money at any ATM overseas without the need to perform tedious bank transfers . Your child can deposit money in a bank account where he has the card and once he / she may draw these in the state where it is located. Avoid high transfer fees , as well as overseas enough convenience to withdraw cash or buy in the store , so it is not necessary to go to a bank to make the transfer.

4 . emergency
Having a debit card provides emergency amount of money you have in the account at any time . If you are in a moment where you need money quickly , just find the nearest ATM and you finish the job . There are many people who hold the debit card as a savings vehicle , but also in case of emergency can use these savings .

5 . ease
If you imagine a debit card as a portfolio where then keep the money compared to a real portfolio of debit cards has the following advantages:
– Use in 7 days a week 24 hours
– When you lose the card , do not lose money
– There is no maximum limit , ( while there may nxini in portfolio )
– No damaged notes, they are offered by banks ( via ATM ) .
– Have the movement of all actions , throughout the month , year etc. .

Keeping a debit card in the pocket has many other advantages that can not be listed all in one article . In response to this article say that many of you can add to the advantages or other thoughts on debit cards , but one thing is sure , that especially in Albania , will positively influence and help in the economic recovery a good growth the number of users of cards .

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The device POS ( Point of Sale) means a sales device which accepts your card as means of payment for goods / services that you buy at the store . Occasionally seller , you can offer users the withdrawal of funds , except sales / service delivery



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