Bank Tariffs in Albania

It is very important to assess the market before you use a banking product, Bank of Albania brings you a list of bank fees.

If you need a loan or overdraft, if you want to get a credit card, to make a transfer or check best interest rates for your deposit you should see all the banking fees from which you can benefit from selecting the most appropriate product for you. The comparison is simple and one can instantly view all bank fees, which banks are required to report  to Bank of Albania.

The site of Bank of Albania wher those fees are published is listed below:

On this page you can see commissions for individuals and businesses fees, also interest rate on deposit or loans. Be careful to compare not only one but several fees to reach the right conclusion for a needed product. Also, you can ask our opinion at, we’ll help you clarify better your ideas.

Bankierë will soon have an analysis on these fees, various listings on the best products etc..


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