Interest rates for deposits – Individuals

Interest rates for deposits – Individuals – December 2013

According to the Bank of Albania’s policy interest rates for deposits for individuals as well as for the company declined rapidly. Through this policy, BoA performs a start off to reduce the cost of deposits for banks of the second level and consequently encourage lending in the system with a lower interest rate. Here are some interest rates for individuals taken from the banks through branch publications and publications received from BOA. Please note that interest rates are those type of deposit rates with the best interest for the customers, banks can have many types of deposits. Be careful that we are not provided with some banks deposits in GBP currency. According to information collection Fibank interest rate results in better regard EUR currency, and also a good rate for the currency Lek.

Raiffeisen Bank:

Norma:  Monedha:
3% LEK
1.7% EUR
0.9% USD
1.7% GBP
0.7% CHF

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank*:
For above 5 milion lek

Norma:  Monedha:
3,15% LEK
1,9% EUR
1,2% USD
1,7% GBP


For above 2,5 milion lek

Norma:  Monedha:
3,50% LEK*
1,75% EUR
2,00% USD
1,20% GBP
0,75% CHF

For current accounts BKT is offering 0,1% interest rate on all currencies.

Credins Bank*:

For above 1 million lek

Norma:  Monedha:
3,60% LEK
2,40% EUR
2,00% USD
1,20% GBP
0,70% CHF

Procredit Bank:

Norma:  Monedha:
3,30% LEK
1,05% EUR
1,25% USD

Tirana Bank:

Norma:  Monedha:
3,20% LEK
1,60% EUR
1,50% USD


Norma:  Monedha:
3,8 % LEK
3,00% EUR
2,25% USD



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