Interest rates of accounts and deposits in Albania

Interest rates of accounts and deposits in Albania As of April 2014

The analysis is done for interest rates published by bank of Albania for the first quarter, as reported by banks. The list of the banks is as follow:

Alpha Bank Albania AB
Credins Bank CB
Crédit Agricole Bank (Albania) CAB
Credit Bank of Albania CBA
First Investment Bank Albania FIB
International Commercial Bank ICB
Intesa Sanpaolo Bank of Albania ISB
National Commercial Bank NCB
NBG Bank Albania NBG
Procredit Bank PCB
Raiffeisen Bank RB
Societe Generale Bank Albania SGB
Tirana Bank TB
Union Bank UB
United Bank of Albania UBA
Veneto Banka VB


While analysing the tables please note that the colour values are expressing the following:

color values


During gathering data some cuts are performed:

– In Bank of Albania there are 3 type of interest rates for one type of deposits. Example for 3 months dep. there are three figures standard deposit, minimum amount deposit and top amount deposit. In order to be more clear to the reality we have taken in consideration only the standard and the minimum amount deposit. Top deposit amount may refer to interest rates which are available only to special customers. We are trying to avoid this because are analysis is more for the mass rather than specific groups.

– Term deposit above 2 years are not taken in calculation, this is because of the principle in the above point.

– Term deposits for business are not taken in considerations, first reason is that it is not a good moment for them to invest in deposits and secondly is because we are referring to the mass.

The top banks for LEK accounts and deposits offering competitive price are as below:


norma depozita LEK

The top banks offering highest interest on current and sallary account are ICB bank, Procredit bank and Unitet Bank of Albania. ICB offers competitive rate for open deposit with no terms.

If we look at the Term Deposits instead the situation is different.



Top Banks offering highest interest rates are;

1 Fibank

2. Procredit bank for TD 24 months.


Deposit march 2014


For EUR Terms Deposit the figure is as below: 

eur deposit march 2014

Interest rates of accounts and deposits in Albania
Article Name
Interest rates of accounts and deposits in Albania
Interest rates of accounts and deposits in Albania as of End of March 2014

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