Products: Individual loan starting a 12% yearly

Raiffeisen Bank launches the new loan: Individual loan starting a 12% yearly

Personal loan is a loan designed specifically for individuals who are employed in different organizations or institutions and easily verifiable income . Personal loan you can use for many purposes in order to meet your needs and requirements at any time. Be careful to read the terms of the loan , whether the loan installments beginning next year , possibly with interest begins again at the time of taking the loan . You are advised to carefully read the loan contract and ask the staff of the branch at the time of application .

This product which is intended for individuals as well a loan form being quite relieved that helps financial position during these months until next January .

Product details are not yet clarified on the bank but will soon shresojmë details are needed . For questions e- mail at our address:


UPDATED INFO: From raiffeisen bank:

Personal loans

Raiffeisen Bank, for a better life!

A Personal Loan has specific features in manner to fulfill all the desires of the individuals that are employees of organizations and institutions, with verifiable incomes. If you think it’s time for changes in your life and you don’t have the financial capabilities, Raiffeisen Bank fulfills all your desires and requests any time through Personal Loan.


  1. Full financing of your investment
  2. Easy application procedures
  3. Up to: 84 months
  4. Loan amount: 100.000 – 1.000.000 ALL (the Loan amount is based on the monthly income of the customer)
  5. No justifying loan purpose
  6. Very convenient monthly re payments.

We are very enthusiast to inform you that starting from 01 – 30 December 2013, Raiffeisen Bank will be on air with an Unsecured Personal Loan Campaign

Lets celebrate 2014 with 12% in ALL!

Everything is possible with Raiffeisen Bank!

Loan Maturity Up to 7 years
Loan AmountInterest Rate Min: 100.000 leke – Max 1.000.000 lekeFor Paga+ (Clients that withdraw the salary through Raiffeisen Bank) 12%

For Standart Customers (Clients that dont withdraw the salary through Raiffeisen Bank) 14%

Percentage of financing 100% of the expenditures value
Documents required
  • Personal Identity Document
  • Family Certificate
  • Income Declaration
Collateral Not Required

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