Online shopping and revolutionary China

Online purchases in China, quickly reaching 45% of China’s population by 2015 will be online shopper.

In recent years the internet purchases by Chinese companies has increased significantly. Globalization network and increase the security of online payment platforms has provided a safer infrastructure for online purchases.

This article and the following graphs are interesting because I believe show for breaking some taboos, such as that Chinese goods are thought to have a poor quality. Usually it is true, but online sales system itself where the customer is placed in the center of attention with complaints or advice but rather to estimate the necessary products Increased quality of goods being sold online. It is enough to look at merchandise they want to purchase and automatically you will find many reviews  which will help you to select a product according to your wishes.

In this way many Chinese site similar where e-bay are flourishing by providing goods much more competitive than they European or American brands. Some sites that are familiar to even in Albania where the which provide you the most people I know buy online.

The following statistics, China’s growth not only in the world of online shopping will be continued but also will affect the world economy still massively increasing purchases online. Also the cost of postage and innovations make online purchases from China a wonderful chance for all buyers around the world.

Also interesting is the article from the famous FORBES Magazine:



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