World Bank : weak economic growth of Albania , advises for the new government

Shefja e zyres se Bankes Boterore ne Tirana, Kseniya Lvovsky ka deklaruar sot se rritja ekonomike e Shqiperise per vitin 2013 ka qene e dobet por me e mire sesa vendet e tjera te rajonit.

World Bank : weak economic growth of Albania , advises for the new government

 Head of the World Bank office in Tirana , Kseniya Lvovsky said today that Albania’s economic growth in 2013 has been weak but better than other countries in the region . In a press conference on the occasion of the end of its mandate in Albania , Lvovsky stressed that the partnership of the World Bank and the Albanian authorities have been taking a number of positive achievements .

” Year 2013 has been a difficult year due to the impact of the prolonged crisis in the eurozone . Albania has had problems with loans and private sector . Albania ‘s economic growth has been weak but has progressed better than other neighboring countries . Our Partneriti with Albania has had a number of achievements . The Albanian authorities have adopted a series of acts that have affected the financial sector such as the changes made in the civil procedure code and these are very important . Our investments have involved various sectors , important for the economic development of the country. Saranda is portii rehabilitated , are arranged streets in many cities , are arranged a series of drainage channels in flood areas , has improved the land registration service . A program to support the employment of youth in the municipality of Tirana and Durres is fulfilled in the first months and Albania has fulfilled the transparency of extractive industry with its major achievements . Last year we achieved two important projects of $ 100 million . During the past fiscal year we provide analytical and technical support , “said Lvovsky.Shefja BB : Cooperation with the new government for reforms . Transparent depolitizuarNdersa administration attributed the elections as historic , head of the World Bank listed three areas in which the need to work for the new government to make possible a European Albania . ” And para.Do be important to increase the reliability to public institutions , it includes transparency , independence of institutions , rule of law and the law enforcement in order to indiscriminate . Albania is likely to be a professional and depoliticized administration . Maintaining professional persons will be a test for the new government to make possible the integration in the European Union . Second , continuation and acceleration of structural reforms . This is very important and is done so in this time of crisis that has plagued Europe . It would be better to continue with reforms and accelerate their implementation accelerated for social assistance , inspections , accounting procedures . In some areas have expanded , and a reform of the energy sector and the sector is that of local government . Third , fiscal consolidation and arrears . It is very important that all bills are paid private sector and the government ‘s ambitious than pavarerisht no room for significant new investments . So there must be a program to build gradually fiscal space ” Boterore.Shefja Bank chief said the World Bank also advised the new government to make a strategic selection of reforms focusing only on those that have priority for the country . She also stressed that the establishment of a fiscal council and the resumption of cooperation with the IMF by the new government will help Albania to recover sustainable development . ” Economic situation is very difficult due to the global crisis , has several years the government makes adjustments to the budget and the midterm year was no different from other years . It is likely that this year to become adapted . Is important for the government to impose fiscal rules and fiscal council raise ” said ajo.Shefja BB : Public debt should be limited by journalists asking for the public debt , the World Bank expert said : ” If you decided to become drastic cuts in spending , for any new government is necessary to rritse effectiveness of public expenditure management , will therefore be very important to focus on structural reforms sustaining medium and medium term benefits . Public debt should be limited . ”
/ Source : Time News

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