Assassination of businessman Artan Santo


Assassination of businessman Artan Santo on former Bloc area.

One fatality was recorded in the area of ​​former Block in Tirana, was shot dead by gunfire businessman Artan Santo 58-years. The crime took place this morning at the headquarters of the bank “Credins” in the former Bloc Artan Santo as he was entering the institution.

Artan Santo, co-media “Focus Group” and co-owner of the bank ‘Credins’, ‘TV Scan’ was shot six times by two masked motorcycle. Shortly after the crime they are removed to the Lake.

Currently Artificial Lake area and all axes that connect the lake are up roadblocks that connect this area. Special units are thoroughly checked throughout the former block to apprehend the perpetrators.

There were numerous witnesses at the scene between them and a florist. They have claimed that persons have been targeted and shot businessman with type firearm, pistol. After that perpetrators are swiftly removed from the scene.

Police sources informed that the engine of the authors was the type “String”, 500 cube with the last two numbers of the plate 09.

It is expected that the white film footage of the bank’s security cameras “Credins” and nearby businesses have registered in moments of crime.

According to police, the businessman was shot by professional killers paid. After the event a patrolman allegedly shot to authors and followed, but without result.

Police sources suggest that the authors have followed up on the border with Fushe Kruja and the “Bridge Gjolës” have lost track. While Quick Intervention and Rene went to the area suspected. Tracking the authors are done with helicopters, while checkpoints are set and the introduction of Fushe-Kruja and Gjolës Bridge and Thumana, Mamurras and secondary roads. Straight Thumana Fushe Kruja is launched and the head of the State Police, Artan Didi. Police forces have even added measures at the border and border monitoring Kapshtice green.

According to police information coming from the capital, the assassination of Artan learned that Santos has happened around 9:30 pm. “Today’s the day around 09.30 was killed by gunfire citizen Artan Santo, 58, the incumbent CEO of a commercial bank.

Currently the group is conducting investigative actions before and procedural investigation to uncover the whole event aiming to identify and apprehend the perpetrators. “Said the official police version of the capital.

Artan Santo, 58-year-old businessman who was executed this morning was the father of two children. He has been known in Albania as the owner and co-owner of several banking activities but also the media. He was born in Tirana in September 1956.

1976-1979 – Faculty of Economics, economist accounting graduates.
1981-1987 – Faculty of Political Science, Law, graduated lawyer.

Work experience
Co-media “Focus Group” and the TV Scan
2003-2004 onwards: Credins Bank Executive Director.
Credins 2001-2002 Financial Institute, director of credit.
1997-2001 Savings Bank, director general.
1994-1997 Savings Bank, Director of non-performing loans.
1993-1994 Savings Bank, Deputy Director General, Director of Branch Tirana.
1992-1994 Savings Bank, Deputy Director General – Director of Credit.
1991-1992 Savings Bank, credit specialist.
1989-1990 State Bank of Albania, Head of research at the Department of Kambizmit
State Bank of Albania 1990-1991, deputy director of the Department of Foreign Affairs.
1984-1991 Institute of Economic Studies, Department of World Economy Research Associate tekoniko – scientific.
1981-1984 Industrial Commercial Enterprise Tirana, kryerevizor.

Artan Santo known as the man who made the turnaround in the Savings Bank. In July the 97-es, at which time Santo appointed general director of the bank, its balance sheet was a loss of 6.6 billion. Meanwhile, when it removed in February 2001, the financial result of the bank’s 2000 profit was 6 billion. “I feel totally proud of the fact that I managed to change the financial situation of the banking giant in Bangladesh”, – says Santo.

“It was actually that long experience in various positions in the Savings Bank gave the result in my job as its director,” he once stated.


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