Ardian Fullani to testify regarding the theft in Bank of Albania

Governor of the Bank of Albania, Ardian Fullani, is expected to testify today in Tirana Prosecution Office regarding the theft of tens of millions of dollars from the institution he leads, Bank of Albania

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The summon for Fullani was launched on Friday by the prosecution, along with a few other officials that he has under his responsibility including his deputy and others. Since more than a week ago, when the bank itself denounced to the prosecutor office the two treasury officials, Ardian Bitraj and Mimoza Bruzia, embezzling money, Mr. Fullani has not spoken since then about this issue. Even media contacts about the event were avoided and the governor was saying that could not talk about such matters considered as a state secret. While today he is expected to give explanations to investigators primarily to the fact that over four years, where the detainee  Bitraj stated that he stole money from the cash registers of the Treasury, he didn’t order the performing of any audit since long time. Sources said that officials call the Bank of Albania comes after the verification of all persons who were in charge of money and inventory control. Prosecutors suspect the Bitraj & Bruzia have at least three other associates, who helped commit theft. condemns the theft occurred by those employees of the bank and we hope that any other person implicated in this theft needs to be put under the justice. We as bankers know very well that Bank of Albania is such kind of institution where governs not only the order and discipline but also trust. We are sure that the Bank of Albanians has the capacity to take measures on what has happened and to make sure that it will never be repeated. When we first heard this news we were shocked, thinking how it is possible that that the prisoners (money) escapes from the most secured prison of the world (bank of Albania) where the security level is above all jails (other banks). We want to push the prosecutors, police and all government bodies in making all the investigations in the details as the thefts may have had assistance form others as well, considering the security levels Bank of Albania have. We have trust in Bank of Albania as a body who will protect the money of the people.



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