Albanians prefer online shopping, “boom” of sales 400 packs per day

Albanians prefer online shopping, “boom” of sales 400 packs per day




Life teems with activity seems to be directing Albanians increasingly towards online shopping . Saving time , but not only increased numbers of products purchased on the Internet , while the favorites are electronic equipment and clothing . Everything is confirmed by Elma Feci , director of the Post subsidiary in Tirana . According to her , this year we have a 42 percent increase in online shopping while on a day delivered about 400 of the received packet . In this interview given to ” The Albanian newspaper ” Feci shows the latest trends , and said that the uncertainty of the arrival of a package from out there already .
Mrs.  Feci , it seems that Albanians are increasingly oriented towards online shopping . Is this confirmed by the data that you have ?
Albanian Post , as the leading company in the postal services market works diligently to expand and improve them continuously . It has become bridges of communication for online purchases that carry people and facilities offering delivery of postal packets , parcels etc. with maximum safety . Service delivery of packages and parcels to the post office just realized center . But what I want to emphasize is that the last two years there has been a large influx of online shopping , which has been increasing from month to month , which is reflected in the windows of delivery of packages and parcels .
If we compare to last year , how much can be grown online purchases ?
Compared with the same period of 2012 , this year the volume of the received packets is increased to 41 % more or about 22 thousand packages amount . Delivery of postal facilities in counters mail is averaging about 400 packages of packages per day . To cope with the workload at parcel delivery service and packages to serve customers quickly and in a quality manner , the Post Affiliate Tirana June of this year opened a new post office , which performs service delivery packages and parcels in more comfortable conditions for customers . This means that Albanian citizens feel as European citizens , and the services we offer are high quality and contemporary .
What are the most common products purchased online from the Albanians ?
Online shopping market is mainly for electronics items , clothing and books .
But as the states in which realize these purchases ?
Online purchases performed by countries such as the USA , Hong Kong , China , Korea , England , France , Singapore , Germany etc. . It must be said that they occupy about 85 % of the total volume of the received packets and parcels . The rest, ie 15 % of facilities , parcel packages are common postal deliveries started by individuals .
There was the idea that not all packages sent by reaching out to customers. Currently , should be concerned about this problem ?
No. In customer service center as the post office , post office and 5/1 is installed an electronic device , where each customer has registered the bar-code of an object , it is possible to get relevant information about the status of its scope. Information for tracking postal items carried online only registered facilities . From the clients had an appreciation for the Albanian Post , for convenience that is offered , minimizing queuing at the counter and the cozy environment in which it operates office .

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