Albanian Banking System’s Financial Statements – Statistics for 2013

Albanian Banking System’s Financial Statements – Statistics 2013

AAB publishes on its website the unaudited financial reports of commercial banks for the fourth quarter 2013 and aggregated data for the System as of December 2013. According to these data, the Albanian banking system remains well capitalized, stable and liquid, while the financial results show decrease. Albanian Banking System’s Financial Statements – Statistics for 2013

The assets of the banking system increased during the year 2013 with about ALL 31 million or 0.3 per cent, reaching ALL 1,2 billion at the end of the year.

The total assets of the banking industry in 2013 reaches approximately 9.134 billion EUR at the end of the year, though the banks has increased their assets only for about 3 milion eur. The most incredible decrease in the assets is the one of the Raiffeisen bank and Credi Agricole. While an increasing bank was for certain growing up like BKT, Credins and Intesa San Paolo Bank!net increase in Loans

Loans restructuring made portfolios to shrink, if we start by the worst performers we may choose: Tirana bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Alpha bank, Credit Agricole.

Biggest growth of loan portfolio for this year is Credins bank, Societe Generale Albania and Veneto Bank which they did a very great job. As always this year also the great 5 banks captured a great portion of the market.

Net increase in Depostis

Total Deposit for Banking system in Albania is almost 7.37 billion EUR at the end of year 2013. 24% of this increase naturally came from BKT followed closely by Credins Bank, and by Intesa San Paolo Albania. Only those 3 top banks have acquired over 55% of the Albanian Deposit Market. An impressive this time is that BKT has grown much the market share thus we expect also in this year to take place taken by BKT. Credins bank is also a second bank fighting to get the most deposit. Lowest deposit gathers during 2013 are CBA bank, United Bank of Albania but the most surprising fact is the decrease of the Deposits in Raiffeisen. Don’t worry about this as it may not be a bad sign for them. We believe that most of the funds were transferred by their clients to different choices, like Pension funds or Investment funds, offered also by some other companies related to them.

As per the table above, the net increase in deposits during past year is 250 Million EUR, equivalent. A considerable amount that our depositors have trusted to the banks in Albania, showing the banking sector has a stable perspective.


Banks also published their profits which are analysed in the below table.  Year 2013 most profitable Banks (also 2012) :

– Raiffesen Bank Albania with 4.4 Billion ALL

– Banka Kombetare Tregtare with 4.0 Billion ALL

– Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Albania with approximately 1 Billion ALL

Notice here that Raiffeisen Bank’s profit has significantly decreased during 2013 and in the opposite BKT has grown a very good market share in profits.

Intesa San Paolo bank is also in the category of “another good profit increase”. The Banking industry in Albania has a declined profit in 2013 compared with the previous year. The decline in net profit for the system is with around 8.8 Million EUR.

Net increase in Profits

Worst Performers in net profit are the following:

– Pro Credit Bank

– Credit Agricole

-Tirana Bank (Last year was with a net profit)

We hope the worst performers bank to recover soon, as we are well optimist because the banking system has generated an net profit of approximately 63 million EUR during year 2013, which was a good sign recovery from the 3rd quarter.

Also in the below table are shown differences between profit of 2012 and 2013.

comparison with 2012










If you have any question or you will need the excel sheets please send an e-mail to us at:

Below are detailed table of the financial statements for last year, Click on any image on the images for zooming. 




Source: Albanian Association of Banks

Albanian Banking System’s Financial Statements – Statistics for 2013
Article Name
Albanian Banking System’s Financial Statements – Statistics for 2013
Analysis of the Financial Statements for all banks for the year 2013. Data is provided from AAB, Albanian Association of Banks.

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