A thorough overview of the banking sector November 2013 – in charts

A thorough overview of the banking sector November 2013 – in charts

Analysis of the Banking sector in Albania as per the data published by bank of Albania and Albanian Association of Banks.



During this year, there have been a very difficult situation among banks, especially starting from march until september.  This situation was mainly affected because of the political changes and of course of the elections during this summer. The instability and uncertainty in the government administration, changes and electoral investment was one main reason showing strong impact in banking sector as well. With the instruction from Bank of Albania and the new issued regulation,  restructuring of loans during recent months is another impact on the figures posted by the banks.

1.Total Assets

total assets

2.Retail Loans

retail loans

3. Corporate Loans

Corporate loans


total deposits

Accumulative Profit, (for all Banks)

Accumulative Profit non performing loans number of debit cards Number of credit cards

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